Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why has the Muslim world failed to develop?

Before we proceed reading this article, let us refrain from any misconception regarding Islam from the Westerners.
Islam is not only teach religion. Islam teach ideology, economics, trades, law, theology, rituals, human relations and all other aspects of life. Just wondering how Islamic Banking existed in Europe.
For more info on Islam please refer to http://islam101.org/ or any related websites.
I have no intention to give any opinion on this but just to share this information to see either any solution to World Financial Crisis that have started in USA - I leave to you to analyze it. Started since 1971 the world have face again and again the problem that I guess never exist before that time -'Financial Crisis'. All Policies that mostly invented after it, have proven to be failure. - RedzuanK

Why has the Muslim world failed to develop?
(source: http://www.khilafah.com/)

The Muslim world with its vast resources continues to generate much interest among economists, thinkers and policy makers. The Muslim world since the end of the Uthmani Khilafah has had its borders drawn and redrawn after various powers interfered in the running of its affairs. The Muslim world includes the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, North Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the south eastern countries of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Development economics is a branch of economics, which deals with how simple forms of organisation can transfer to complex forms of organisation and production. Development is seen as the ability to increase production without any consideration applied to its distribution. Economists do make a distinction between growth and development - growth is seen as more of the same goods and services whilst development is the structural and technological infrastructure behind the production. In terms of GDP, the measurement used to calculate the value of total production of goods and services, the Muslim world is second only to China with growth rates of 7% in some countries. These are growth rates most European countries would be proud of. However reading between the figures reveals many problems.

If we define development as the building of the necessary infrastructure to fulfil the basic needs of the people such as food, clothing, shelter, security and education, here the Muslim worlds comes in at the bottom of the list. Wealth in the Muslim world suffers from huge misdistribution.

The Middle East for example relies heavily upon oil revenue's therefore it is affected greatly by changes in oil prices. Very little oil revenue actually trickles down to the population but rather ends up in US bank accounts. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud of the Saudi monarchy is valued at over $20 billion with half of his wealth invested in the US.

In the Arab world one in five Arabs still live on less than $2 a day. And, over the past 20 years, growth in income per head, at an annual rate of 0.5%, was lower than anywhere else in the world except sub-Saharan Africa.

In Pakistan 40% of land is in the hands of 23 families.

Government investment in infrastructure and public services is minimal considering the large population of the Muslim world.

The Muslim world's elections are at best a farce, with autocratic kings and presidents only rescinding their authority when they die.

Half of the Muslim world is treated as lesser legal and economic beings, and more than half the young, burdened by joblessness and un-Islamic economic policies want to get out of their country as soon as they can.

The role of the IMF and World Bank in countries such as Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Egypt has directly aided some of the underlying economic problems. The general solution provided by such institutions is the engaging of trade to climb out of poverty and for development. In reality there are a number of obstacles placed by the developed nations that ensure developing nations will never reach a level where they can compete. What this actually means is that Western goods should be imported rather than allow imports from poorer countries. The theory is that only via trade will nations pull themselves out of poverty. Whilst encouraging the third world to lower their market barriers such as tariffs and quotas on various goods, the Western nations do not do the same for their markets. Western economies have not been developed by such subscribed policy, as outlined by Dr Ha Joon Chang in his book "Kicking away the ladder." The continued failure of the World trade organisation clearly shows the unwillingness by Europe and the US to lower its trade barriers whilst at the same time lobbying India and China to remove their barriers.

This situation in the Muslim world stems from the colonial era and is summed up best by David Fromkin, Professor and expert on Economic History at the University of Chicago: "Massive amounts of the wealth of the old Ottoman Empire were now claimed by the victors. But one must remember that the Islamic empire had tried for centuries to conquer Christian Europe and the power brokers deciding the fate of those defeated people were naturally determined that these countries should never be able to organize and threaten Western interests again. With centuries of mercantilist experience, Britain and France created small, unstable states whose rulers needed their support to stay in power. The development and trade of these states were controlled and they were meant never again to be a threat to the West. These external powers then made contracts with their puppets to buy Arab resources cheaply, making the feudal elite enormously wealthy while leaving most citizens in poverty.

"The absence of any organised way of generating wealth and allocating wealth has created a situation where everyone in the Muslim world needs to fend for themselves and attempt to make the best out of a chaotic situation. This just compounds the problem further as many resort to bribery, stealing and fraud to make ends meet. This shows that the people in the Muslim world are not inherently corrupt or born to steal, rather as can be seen with the Gulf States many Muslims when given the opportunities are hard working and can be relied upon.

The question that really needs to be answered is where we begin to develop the Muslim world. The Muslim world fails in applying a set of consistent polices and this has resulted in such nations being unable to unify the populace on the direction of the economy. Many policies by the rulers are time specific or usually motivated by the political climate of the time. The unfortunate result of this is that a whole host of contradictory policies are applied within the Muslim world and hence the nation doesn't move in the same direction. Although Pakistan has the worlds largest untapped coal reserves it imports over 2 million tonnes of coal a year to meet its energy needs. Across the Muslim world there exist manufacturing companies and mining companies. However the contract to mine the Muslims world's precious resources always go to foreign companies.

The development of the Soviet Union is a good example of how consistent polices lead to development. Socialism emerged as a very powerful force across Europe and many were attracted to it after witnessing the wide disparities in wealth distribution in Capitalist nations. The Communists after gaining power due to the failures of the Tzar set about implementing a five year plan starting in 1928, in order to build a heavy industrial base.The five year plan was a list of economic goals that was designed to strengthen the USSR's economy between 1928 and 1932, making the nation both militarily and industrially self-sufficient.

The five year plan was to harness all economic activity to the systematic development of heavy industry, thereby transforming the Soviet Union from a primitive agrarian country into a leading industrial and military power. Carrying the plan out, the Stalin government poured resources into the production of coal, iron, steel, railway equipment, and machine tools. Whole new cities, such as Magnitogorsk in the Urals, were built with enthusiastic participation of young workers and intellectuals. This ambitious plan fostered a sense of mission and helped mobilise support for the regime. The Soviet Union played a direct role in the defeat of Hitler in World War 2 - which launched the Soviet Union to superpower status.

Islam is the only common denominator between everyone in the Muslim world. Islam has a glorious history in the region and propelled the Muslims from the deserts of Arabia to the far reaches of the earth. Therefore this would be the place to begin deriving economic policies for the Muslim world. These policies would be accepted by all Muslims as they are from Islam and would actually bring confidence in the Islamic rules once people see they can work.

Practically this means that Islam should be applied in the Muslim world and Islam's polices on trade, ownership, companies, public finance, investment, currency and poverty elimination would need to all be applied. The derivation of such polices from the same foundations would ensure no contradictions occur as they are all coming from the same basis. All foreign policies from Socialism, the Capitalist free markets, Nasserism, Kemalism and any other ‘ism' should be removed as these have proven to be failures.


  1. Redzuan, we are today living in a world of gog and magog order.

    Any effort to establish a real Islamic state with Islamic ideals and economic reality (like using gold dinar / other denominator with an intrinsic value and not paper as money) will be crushed down by them.

    Their hold on the world is almost complete and it will be very hard to go against them. It is not for nothing what a hadith said that 999 people out of 1000 will follow this cabalistic order and way of life.

    Perhaps we can only start with a 'micro state' setting like starting a community that upholds Islamic values and way of life - being mainly a community based on faith in Allah and sovereignty that belongs to Allah (secularism out the window) besides putting into practice the usage of actual money with intrinsic value (burn all those worthless paper money!!).

    These are among some fundamentals or correctly known as Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW that we have abandoned resulting in our perilous state today.

  2. If you are to do a study among all Muslim countries, the level of development will be directly proportional to the level of Islamisation of the country.

    Just do a study - you will know the fact. The reasons are so obvious why this is so. I do not want to elaborate here to hurt the feelings of Muslims but I mention just two:

    - they sidelined the women.
    - how many Muslim nations are in deep religious based wars?
    - and plus many other activities against productivity.

    You cannot have it both ways. Live in this world or live in the after world. There is time only for one.

    This is why I see very bleak future for Malaysia the way it is heading - the day when we 'Talibanise' Malaysia.

    Our constitution does not say we are a secular state. But by the same token, nowhere does it say we are an Islamic state either.

    A country can be Islamic but yet remain secular in government. Turkey, Egypt and Algeria are prime examples. As long as the constitution remains the supreme law of the land, we are an Islamic country but a secular state.

    All these are really non-issues as long as everybody sticks to the original game plan.

    Look at it one way, it seems like they want to keep the NEP because they are taking advantage of perks and curbs, keep the Umno linked filthy rich.

    First of all, the NEP has no goodwill towards the non-malays. They think that the non-malays are rich and can afford to run overseas because of the drought of local university places available?

    This is another fallacy. Truth is a lot of the non-malay parents have to work their asses off, keeping a small unit family, just to use all their savings to finance education overseas because local opportunities are not forthcoming and not available.

    Malaysia lose a lot of talents in such a way, especially when the NEP has indeed made certain non-malays very competitive on the global scale. For these people having been successful overseas and given a fair go at the opportunities, they will think twice to come home to adversity in Malaysia.

    And that is a fact. Do you know that we lose almost 80% of our local talents to the US, UK and Australia every year! Go check the emigration records. Do you know that the Malaysian contingent is the largest oversea students in Australia, and almost 100% that succeeds takes up Australia PR and citizenship?

    That is exactly the formula used by many progressive countries including the US, UK, Australia, even China.

    These countries have policies that stress both the affirmative action to aid the poor and complement it with an emphasis on high standards, including robbing other countries of their human capital by enticements such as international scholarships.

    So I can't understand why it is not palatable or applicable to the malays! Why lay back when you have the world as a challenge.

    The failure of the various Malaysia communities to integrate is not because there is no common language, but the ill will festered by the outmoded communal politics that Umno Youth seems want to perpetuate, the NEP, and the lack of Malaysia kinship (e.g. one race want to be tuan).

    It is only nature that human beings and animals learn more from failure than success. So, be prepared for a soul cleansing in the next 10 - 20 years in Malaysia.

    Yes, the one common denominator is that they are all not Muslim countries. Even among Muslim countries, the less that Islamization is the focus of national existence, the better off the society from a social, political and economic standpoint.

    That is why Turkey used to be relatively better off in various aspects compared to other Muslim countries but this has been starting to change recently.

    Hate to say it but yes, obsession with Islam is anathema to progress, political stability, peace and economic well being.

    We agree that it is difficult to manage a multiracial country like Malaysia with its diverse religions and races. It is also obvious from the discussion that the current political and economic model has failed us, particularly with regards to racial integration.

    We are heading towards a crisis. We need to have a paradigm shift in our socio-economic model. Otherwise the omens look bad.

    Now humans are humans, be it malays, Japanese or Israelis, when one is in absolute power there will be a tendency to sideline the minorities. Arrogance and abuse will crop in. There is no doubt about it.

    To be developed, there should be peace, good sense of responsibilities, equality and cooperation. Of course, good leadership and governance is equally important. Every party should not to be made to feel deprived.

    I still feel that mixing religion with politics is not wise - for we can see around the world almost everywhere trouble spots are based on religious differences and in countries where religion is part of politics. That is the reason why Malaysia although a Muslim country should remain secular.

  3. According to a recent study through secret agency, Nihon Himitsu Oruganitsum Bureau, shows that malays were descended from the hybrid between hog/boar and baboon, hence explains why they look like baboon and they don't eat pork.

    Our latest DNA analysis confirmed the fact.

    The Japanese, Europeans etc, all eat pork, so does that mean they are all dirty and only the malays and Arabs are clean?

    These malays have no brains to think properly.

    The secret agency study also finds that Muslims are more violent, lazy, cunning and barbaric due to the lack of pork in their meal and the wrong doctrine.

    They had been misled by Quran for generations which was copied and twisted by Muhammad from Holy Bible just to control his followers so that they don't harm their same species/ancestor (the hybrid between hog/boar and baboon).

  4. It is no secret that Parameswara was an Indian and a Hindu prince until he married a Pasai princess and converted to Islam and adopted the Persian name Iskandar Shah.

    There seemed to be no problem telling the truth as I just expressed it during my school days. The school textbooks were quite clear on this - but not today, I am told.

    Once again the 'insecure' Umno-led government had to wipe out any references to this famous Melaka prince as being Hindu and belonging to the powerful Hindu empire Srivijaya.

    So all of a sudden our museums, school textbooks etc, all refer to Parameswara as a malay prince. Umno's lying, mind you, is not confined to the mainstream newspapers.

  5. F***k Muslims and all malay pig in Malaysia.

    I feel ashamed to call myself a Malaysian nowadays because you malay pig are making us losing our pride day by day by corrupting the once dignified image of this country, you know Malaysia is now a laughing stock among the non-Muslim countries in the world!

    People despise this country still protecting the lame lot and not doing anything to improve the deteriorating situation, still practising double standards among its own people, still expelling the non-malay genius to other countries, still depriving the rights and benefits of other races to its own race, still criticize and blame the Chinese for their minority poverty.

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    I think the problem of malay pig race is their culture - it is in born in their gene - nowhere in the world that you will see affirmative action is focusing on the majority because it is always the minority that need the protection.

    Worst, the minority in Malaysia has been systematically marginalized just to suppress them of their growth.

    Let the malay pig make Malaysia the most corrupted place to live in and see what happened in 2020? I guess malay pig will go back to Indonesia as Malaysia don't belong to them, they are also immigrants from Sumatra, Sulawesi, Jawa, etc.

    Please get it into your pea-sized otak udang plastered with layers and layers of tahi babi encased in your kepala kayu that Malaysia belong to the Orang Asli who are the true bumis of the country.

    Niffy pellmell malay pig are in fact pendatang haram who swam across the Melaka Strait illegally from Sumatra. They should be caught, given severe caning and deported back to their pig sties in Sumatra.

  6. Yes, a lot of non-malays in Malaysia are leaving this country. But what the hell, they (babiputras) don't care. They are happy that we leave.

    I do agree with you of those mentioned, our country is stepping backward, we are loosing in all aspects and yet overdue and retarded ministers are still available on shelf. The ministers think that they are the only ones capable and qualified to be there and not replaceable, otherwise the country could collapse.

    Looking at Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq likes looking at this country future. The well connected babiputras are getting richer. This government is spoon feeding the babiputras at this nation expense. I am sick of this country too.

    My advise is let them rot in their own stew.

    The Barisan government has achieved 0% in reversing the trend of racism.

    While South Africa has disbanded racism through the government's initiative after the global news onslaught, our government leaders are propagating FACISM and RACISM in every way.

    In term of racism, we are the most uncivilised country in the world. Look into our neighbouring countries of Asia, they are advancing economically on a straight forward objective, for their citizens.

    Whereas we are moving in deviationist path, widely off the international economic theory for the sole objective, of propelling the well being of a supreme race.

    Mahathir era is over, here we have Badawi. Is he changing the trend? Not a single sign of it.

    How about the future under Najib? Sad, sad. They have more camouflage in readiness.

  7. Malay leaders in Malaysia like to see their folks contained in a chicken coop. They tell them that they are free and yet to be beholden to them as they are the ones providing them their feed.

    They even believe that if they left the coop, they might be eaten up by the wily fox, and that they might otherwise starve to death.

    The Singapore malays is in no illusions and they know they are out of the coop. They got to find their own nourishment and they got no leader throwing in the crumbs to them.

    If they don't want to labour for their food, they can always go across the causeway and be given citizenship rights and take advantage of all the crumbs thrown at them. But most of them will not.

    Of course the chicken shit from there have all long crossed over. But the rest have a little more dignity and stay on to show what they are really made up of.

    I respect the Singapore malays for that. It does not matter that they have made a lot of wrong turns or that they have hardly a fighting chance. But they got more respect and dignity than their kinsfolk from over here Malaysia.

    This is what half-past-six ministers that we have in Malaysia. Even comparison between Singapore malays and Malaysian Chinese, Singapore malays are never discriminated by their government based on equality.

    I have so many Singapore malay friends from school mates, college mates to business partners. Penang malays would be so glad if they are treated like Singapore malays. Just ask the Singaporeans……….do they want to be back to Malaysia?

    The problem with the Malaysia malays is their jealous attitude. If they are left behind, they will prevent others from moving ahead too! And sometimes even sabotaging others, and some resort the use to cast spell on others.

    Not only the laid back malays are preventing their own people from being successful, but other races too. We also want the malays to be successful by creating value in the society so that everyone benefit but not by taxing the non-malays then give contracts to the malays, who will then deliver half-past-six service.

    Change your own attitude first through value creation using your own tears and sweats!

    As said before, had Malaysia been managed by Lee Kuan Yew and his colleagues for the past 40 years, Malaysia would have been much better off today, including all the malays! 95% would have owned a house, and no such rampant corruption!

    For the malay ultras, facts speak louder than your bigotry cries, wake up, grow up, be men instead of sissies!

    You see the problem here - the malays just cannot face up to their main problem - Laziness. This shows how thick-skinned and self-deluded these people are.

    Malaysia is a multi-racial country. Jika kamu tak suka, kamu boleh blar……….tiada orang larang kamu.

    The fact is malays you are the biggest loser! I am trying to wake you up instead of using the way like what our government is practice to provide NEP even though it is proven NEP is a failure in the past 30 years. Keep on dreaming if you think Malaysia could achieve Vision 2020 with your kind of attitude!

    Majority of the Penang big government contracts is being awarded to the malay firms. What else you want! They get the same as other malays in Malaysia. The only different in Penang is, the Umno guys cannot tap the government fund into their own pocket, as other state Umno did. This is the main reason why they raised this issue.

    Speaking without substances and distorting facts seems to be the good old habitual ways of Malaysia malays, which is probably inherited by their much loved masters, the "malay killers" - Umno.

    To add to this, constant distorted facts with regards to the situational state of the Singapore malays remains among the commentators of Umno. It is hard not to see that some people really need to see the situation and know it first hand before dishing out their empty vessel mentalities.

    Anyways, good thing you be it Malay, Indian, Chinese in Singapore is open to competition, and cherish diversity. Not like the radical son of terrorist we can find many in Malaysia.

    Most malays in Malaysia hate diversity and discontent to the minorities, especially the Chinese. In blog, radical malays can be either extreme or pretentiously diverse-minded. Very few is genuine.

    I do admit there are lazy malays that depend on handouts, but this kind of malays will be phase out and this kind I would say hypocrites. They tend to claim they work hard to achieve success, in fact they relaying on government support. I myself despise this kind of human being.

    Little do they realize this safety net is fast disappearing because the government is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the system in the face of global challenges! But these handouts have become an addiction. Refuse the junkie and you get booted out of power.

    It is the malays themselves that must come to realize the damaging side effects of the NEP. For someone who wants no better than to see his own race succeed, this must be painful.

    And you can often see the malays are usually envious of not only the non-malays, but of their own successful malays as well.

    Malays failed is a fact. What make non-malays not happy about their failure is, they fail despite get ample help from the government.

    And they continue putting the blame on their fail to, especially the Malaysian Chinese. This is why created so many issue and argument here.

    But those greedy Umno guys keep emphasis the NEP, how many percent of the country wealth belong to malays. In fact, those Umno guys having super good life by easy way.

    And they keep on demanding, not really review what was wrong with it, putting the blame to non-malays, to stir the racist sentiment in the country.

    If present situation continue, even the malays get 60% of the country wealth, majority of the malays will still munch.

    Simple solution - come to Singapore and see for yourselves even if you want to guise that our Singapore malays are in lesser numbers on success than the Malaysia idiotic counterparts - our Singapore malays are based on merit and not on such keris wielding Umno policies……….are you proud of that?

    Once again, in a subtle and indirect manner, this forum has proven how naive and "katak bawah tempurung" a Malaysia malay can be. Blame who? The Umno policies.

    Yes, start collecting the achieves with regards to moral degradation among Malaysia malays. Look at the Umno ministers when they speak on national TV. Qualify or not become ministers with such low reactive capabilities?

    Some Malaysia malays saying Singapore malays quota should be more in the Singapore cabinet if compared to the Indians. First, Singapore government is based on merit system and not like you bunch of racist morons here. That is why Malaysia is so backward if compared to Korea and others.

    Not many Malaysia malays can survive if they go oversea because they are slow and lazy and that is why they can't compete with the competitive market out there. Normally they will end up hiding their heads in Malaysia with the protection and biased system by the Malaysia government.

    Come on, man. We do not have time to argue the truth of your on and on talk about "not all malays are spoon fed, not all malays are lazy". Like we are dying to argue that when we already know it is true.

    It is human nature to blame everyone about their plight rather than blame themselves. The majority of new generation of malays in Singapore is educated, unlike their parents.

    Please read the comments made by Singapore malays why they can hold their heads up and be proud as a Singapore malay and then maybe it will sink into you.

    Muslims everywhere unless they are the minority, cannot tolerate people with different religions. The Singapore government handles the situation rather well as they handle their malay community with kid gloves.

  8. nampak pengkritik negara ini seakan2 memilih utk meningalkn negara ini kerana sudah tidak tahan degan gaya kepimpinan dalam negara ini.

    saya sunguh kagum degan meraka ini kerana mengutarakan byk point2 yg hampir terpaksa saya terima bulat2...

    saya percaya mereka ini bukan calang2 pengkritik, tetapi saya tidak pasti mereka ini adalah antara mereka2 yg mepunyai mutu kerja di luar sana..

    komen saya tidak panjang, sekiranya benar apa yg mereka katakan, mereka sudah lama meningalkn negara ini.

    tp nampak jelas mereka seakan2 ingin meningalkn negara ini tp tiada `daya`. oleh itu terus la mereka mengata dan mengutuk babiputras, melayu stupid...

    jelas mereka ini sdg `fight for their right`..



  9. whops... no badys perfect


  10. Kepada penyanggak-penyanggak bangsa..jangan kamu semua nak kurang ajar..tahap kesabaran orang Melayu ada hadnya..jangan sebab mulut, badan binasa..kalau kamu semua sudah tidak suka tinggal disini, silakan berambus...berambus balik ke negara nenek moyang kamu..kalau kamu rasa kamu boleh hidup senang dan bebas disana..tiada siapa yang akan melarang kamu semua..berambus...jangan ingat baru nak nampak dunia, kamu semua dah besar kepala..bangsa tak mengenang budi..kurang ajar!!!berambus...

  11. U know what, this kafir is kafir. They couldnt believe what is ISLAM say. Because Allah said in HOLY QURAN " Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: "The Guidance of Allah, that is the (only) Guidance," wert thou to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor Helper against Allah." (Quran al-Baqarah 120).

    So whatever it is, just let them as they are. Mereka tidak akan pernah puas apa yang kita ada..

    Sahabat blogger Redzuan, teruskan melakar dengan tanganmu.. Mata Pena lebih tajam dari Mata Pedang..

  12. pantat mak kamu cine..

    hincit kamu dr tanah melayu nie...
    nak begaduh sangat ke haram jadah...
    muka pun macam babi...pantat betu kome nie

  13. Ehh... Melampau betul orang kafir ni... tak sedar ker asal usul kamu tu...pendatang, pekerja buruh di Malaysia ni...

    Mana ada dalam sejarah... kamu ni dari Tanah Melayu...

    Memang bangsat betul!!!

    Kalau dah dasar makan babi tu... makan babi juga lah jawabnya...


  14. oi cine gampang jgn nak jadi pantat,
    dah le muka mcm babi..bercakap bunyi babi..perangai kalah babi memang cina bangsa haram jadah...

    sembelih tengkok 2 karang...pantat kome nak bising2


  15. Assalamualaikum,

    Kepada cina-cina dan india-india yang tidak puas hati duduk di malaysia

    Kamu semua boleh berhijrah ke tempat lain

  16. menumpang tanah melayu pun ade hati nak rosakkan tanah orang. nak sekolah cina balik tongsanla, boleh tido dengan babi lagi

  17. Nampak sangat kamu orang cina sangat emosional..sesuka hati panggil melayu b**i.. yang hairanya org melayu xmkn b**i setahu aku org cina paling suka makan babi..
    Jangan terlalu biadap..pasti mak bapak kau orang pun biadap macam kau..memang dasar tak sedar di untung, umur masih mentah dah berani kurang ajar.. Baik kau baca sejarah sebelum kata apa2 disini..nampak sangat kau nie buta sejarah..buta hati dan buta perasaan... tanya datuk nenek kau jika mereka belum mampus..siapa bagi mereka tinggal disini????

  18. tarik balik kerakyatan orang cina & india

    keturunan pendatang tanpa izin tak sedar diri...keturunan merempat...

    blah la woi cine & india gile..bwk tuhan korang sekali menyemak je aku tgk tuhan korang...sakit mate aku.

  19. Salam tuan punya blog..

    Terperanjat membaca komen2 yang ada di sini. entahlah apa yang berlaku, manusia yang dikurniakan Allah akal dan jiwa tergamak berkata seperti ini..

    konek(saya harap ini bukan nama sebenar saudara):
    - bolehkah berikan saya fakta yang tuan dapat, yang mengatakan bangsa melayu adalah hibrid beruk. Saya dapati ayat ini juga ada di Asiafinest.com(bukan fakta saintifik tapi copy tulisan ini).
    - untuk pengetahuan saudara, orang Islam tidak makan babi bukan kerana mereka berasal dari beruk(manusia asal dari manusia juga), tetapi kerana ia adalah larangan Allah di dalam Al-Quran.(Charles Darwin yg mengaku manusia dari beruk pun makan babi juga..hairan ya?)

    vesewe :
    - saudara terlalu ikutkan perasaan sehingga mencaci orang2 Islam dan melayu. apakah yg berlaku sebenarnya sehingga anda sebut perkatan ini?
    - berkenaan sodomy dan incest ia bukan perbuatan orang2 melayu(mungkin ada)namun ia ada tertulis di dalam Bible dan Al-Quran berkenaan kaum Nabi Lut yang sodomi, juga cerita2 di dalam Bible berkenaan org2 yang melakukan incest, boleh rujuk kitab berkenaan.
    - berkenaan drug addict, benar..melayulah kaum yg paling ramai menagih dadah. saya tahu ini sbb saya pernah buat program dengan mereka. Terima kasih sbb mengingatkan dan marilah sama2 kita membanteras najis dadah ini..sanggupkah saudara membantu?

    fargoman :
    - saya menyelami tulisan saudara dan amat terharu kerana ternyata saudara begitu mengambil berat tentang orang2 melayu. saudara juga berpengalaman bergaul dengan orang2 melayu singapura dan banyak pula inti tulisan saudara menjurus kepada negara jiran itu..mungkin saudara orang singapura tak?
    - tulisan di bawah ini dari kata2 saudara yang saya rasa tidak tepat..
    " Muslims everywhere unless they are the minority, cannot tolerate people with different religions"
    - Hakikatnya, 'Muslims' sangat tolerate/ bertolak ansur dengan orang yang tidak sama kepercayaan dengan mereka. Kerana itu Belgrade tetap ramai yang Kristian,di zaman Uthmaniyyah dulu, dan Granada penuh orang Kristian dan Yahudi dan mereka tidak terancam, begitulah Malaysia, saudara lihat usahawan bukan 'Muslims' dapat hidup selesa dan kaya bahkan tidak berada dalam ketakutan untuk kesana-sini.
    - Ini adalah bukti nyata bahwa perenggan kenyataan saudara yang akhir itu tidak benar, mengelirukan dan bertujuan memburukkan Islam dan penganutnya. Namun jika saudara tersalah sangka, saya sedia berkongsi pandangan dengan saudara berkenaan hal ini, Insya-Allah!

    kepada bloggers2 anon dan rakan bloggers:

    - kenyataan yang keluar dari tuan2 ini amat menyedihkan dan tidak membantu dalam usaha menanam kefahaman tentang Islam pada mereka2 diatas.
    - Jangan terlalu ikutkan hati dan perasan kerana ia amalan syaitan. Ikutlah sunnah Nabi semasa berdakwah, atau hanya berdiam sahaja, jika itu lebih baik kesudahannya. Lihat sahaja Mikail Jackson(Michael Jackson) yang dahulunya di keji habis-habisan oleh segelintir ulama', Alhamdulillah, sekarang sudah kembali kepada agama Allah.
    - Sesungguhnya kehebatan Islam terletak bukan pada pedang, bom, nuklear atau hudud, tetapi pada akhlak yang baik yang di tonjolkan dan di beri teladan oleh Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

    Diharap semua pihak akan bertenang dan berfikir secara rasional..marahkan orang melayu- Islam yg di katanya f**k, marahkan blogger yg hentam Islam- cina pula yg kita suruh berambus...tak patut lah..

  20. bersyukurla duduk kt M'sia..

    bygkn kita semua tidak duduk di M'sia, agaknye adakah kita bernasib baik spt hari ni??

    kaum bkn Melayu jgn keterlaluan, ingatlah yg anda semua dibawa masuk oleh British..

    nenek moyang anda pun bkn berasal usul di Tanah Melayu..

    Ingt semula perlembagaan negara !!

  21. Aku sudah isytiharkan perang kepada pemberi komen kotor dan kesat menghina nabi Muhammad dan agama Islam serta bangsa Melayu di blog ini dan ajak team BPN untuk terus melawan komen kotor dan jijik di atas.

    terima kasih kepada team BPN di atas seperti Jack, TaminSari, Lekir dan Semut yang telah lebih awal datang melawan mereka ini.

    Kami akan lawan mereka yang suka menghina orang tanpa ada sebab dan alasan..

    Islam mengajar umat bersabar dan memberi izin melawan jika dilawan dan dizalimi..

    Jangan cuba uji keimanan kami dan pasti tindakan berasaskan undang2 akan kami usahakan terhadap semua yang suka menggunakan kata kata di atas.

    Ayuh ! kita blogger pembela negara akan tetap lawan.

    pasti semua akan ditangkap dan dItahan ISA kerana mengancam ketenteraman awam atau Tuhan akan menghantar hukumannya di dunia lagi kepada mereka.

    Rasakan balasannya !!!



  23. Sesuai ke man bagi salam kalo dah orang kat sana mula lempar cakap yang tak masuk akal....

    kenapalah korang ni cemburu sangat dengan hak orang Melayu dan Bumiputera... dah lah kalo tak sudi terima hakikat. Kalo macam ni baik korang pi apply warganegara lain senang sikit keja kami untuk kekal kan perpaduan yang dah terbentuk sejak lebih 51 tahun kita merdeka.

  24. woi ,jgn dok pertikai hak org melayu & menghina agama islam .dasar makan babi itu memamg jijik punya bangsa...

    jangan cuba main API !!! kelak membakar diri !! MUNGKIN HANG TAK HIDUP LAGI MASA PERISTIWA 13 MEI , orang melayu islam bersedia jika hang mahu menghina bangsa melayu dan islam !!

    jihad !!! PREPARE FOR BATTLE BPN !!

  25. konek,visewe and coolooc,

    understand you all always came in pairs when commenting into peoples blog. But please, never mention religion in your uncivilized provocation like this.

    It could turn you in pieces someday... Dont start such ugly situations, because you never expect what would costs as a consequences of the mess you guys been created.

    If you all strongly believe in whatever you think, its fine.. just keep among yourself. No need insulting, cursing our religion because we never harm you guys in any form before this. And one thing in common about you guys, why need relating politics, race and religion? The three has nothing to influence our political climates as you all claimed.

    Tell us, what is the different between south Korea and North Korea? China and Taiwan? Ireland and United Kingdom? In fact, it was due to variable of stances, ideology about people political standpoint. Not simply because of race and religion.

    Dont start an arguement here. It gives you nothing but curses from people who read it.

  26. why so rude....

    kenapa anda semua biadap mempertikaikan hak kami di bumi bertuah ini.......

    tanah ini tanah melayu....

    tanah ini tanah telah semakin lama semakin terhakis hak nya untuk orang-orang melayu....

    jika nak tinggalkan negara ini...tinggalkan...jangan terus mencarut dan mencarut....

    kami tidak perlukan warga Malaysia yang tidak cintakan negara ini..

    sila ingat...hasil kesenangan dan keharmonian yang dinikmati kalian adalah hasil dari bumi bertuah ini...

    kalau kamu semua tidak berada di sini mungkin anda semua yang duk memaki-maki bangsa yang banyak berjasa pada kamu semua....

    kamu smua patut sedar asal keturunan....

    asal datang kamu semua.....jika kami bangsa melayu tidak berikan hak kerakyatan....mungkin kamu semua dah merempat kerana terpaksa bersaing di bumi sendiri yang tentunya mempunyai penduduk berjuta-juta....

    ingatlah....cakap biar bertapis...

    kerana mulut badan binasa.........

  27. Know what malay pig? A suck babi hutan pendatang from Indonesia, pencuri of Tanah Orang Asli, should be caught by all the Chinese whom you have insulted.

    They will then pack you in a pig basket, parade you round Chinatown in KL, to let the Chinese pelt rotten eggs, throw shit and pour all the pig shit from the nearby pig farms on your head.

    Then let them take you out of your pig basket and roast you over an extremely hot fire until you become barbecued pork. After that chop your stinking carcass and leave it in the streets of rural for all those vultures and crows to feed on. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Why only malays? You think this country is yours alone? What has the government really done for the pribumis and the Orang Asli? Look at how Umno has screwed up Sabah Indonesians and Filipinos getting citizenship and enjoying the same benefits as you the moment they hop off the boat!

    You go ask the government to stop all that then I will stop thinking you are speaking through your asshole.

    Podah! You are nothing but a chauvinist malay pig like the rest.

    It seems like Malaysia is still not ready for globalisation because of a bunch of anti-social racist morons like you. Our country already independent for so many donkey years but sorry to see still got such shortsighted moron like you.

    Bangsa melayu failed in the past 30 years with lots of help from Umno but still failed! Then they blame the Chinese cheat la, marginalise them la, this la that la……….so much excuses! If you are pariah, forever you are pariah!

    If you malay pig race lazy, no matter how much with the government help, it will back to square.

    For me, I just speak up what I had observed and not like the malay race who is always jealous about other race success. Bad hearted.

    What the hell you ask all the Chinese to get out from Malaysia in your comment post? It is proven you are another racist moron bastard!

    Malay failure is the fact! It has been happened since 30 years ago and not just now. If you keep on denying it proven again you are just another loser or hypocrite!

    Truth - what is so proud of asking Chinese to be like your kind of robbers, liars, cheaters in Malaysia? Kaum tongkat yang langsung tak tahu malu! Yes, you motherf***ker are stupid, lazy, fanatic, thus you need tongkat forever! Dick head!

    Kaum tongkat still can survive in most of the zoos overseas. See the UPM red shirt "Orang Utan". At least they could be the laughing stock to this world.

    If malays with 50% population in Malaysia none of them success, then I reckon you jump to the sea. That so!

    Once again, with you racist pig moron, Malaysia wouldn't go far as far as globalisation is all about!

    You are truly one of those Umno babi hutan with shit plastered all over your brain and fulfilling Hang Tuah policy in reverse! With babi hutan like you whose brains are filled with tahi babi - it would be melayu akan hilang di dunia!

  28. Islam in Malaysia is suppressing humanity, dignity and desire of a normal human being.

    Islam in Malaysia is causing trouble to non-Muslims who goes about their everyday life to do what any other normal human being on earth are doing.

    Islam in Malaysia does not respect traffic law when Muslims can park their cars all over the road and causes inconvenience to everybody.

    Islam in Malaysia does not contribute to the progress of the malay race and any other race in Malaysia.

    Islam felts threaten in Malaysia, when nobody actually gives a damn about them.

  29. Then let me re-quote Lee Kuan Yew:

    Singaporean politician Lee Kuan Yew of the PAP, who publicly questioned the need for Article 153 in parliament, and called for a "Malaysian Malaysia".

    In a speech, Lee Kuan Yew bemoaned what would later be described as the Malaysia social contract:

    "According to history, malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of the 39% malays in Malaysia today, about one-third are comparatively new immigrants like the secretary-general of Umno, Dato Syed Jaafar, who came to Malaya from Indonesia just before the war at the age of more than thirty. Therefore it is wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysians only through their favour."

    Eventually, and Singapore became an independent nation in 1965, with Lee Kuan Yew as its first prime minister.

  30. Really?

    So what about UK lands in the Peninsula? What was that called Tanah UK?

    And what about the 4 northern states that belonged to Thailand, that the Sultan groveled to the UK to take back? Tanah Thai?

    And previous to that all the lands owned by Portugal and Holland? Tanah Portugal and Holland?

    And how about the fiefdom of Raja Brooke in Borneo? Tanah Brooke?

    Each state may have had its own Sultan and government but that does not = Malaysia!

    If Malaysia was your own land to control then how come we had to have independence? I suppose Umno teach you that you have to declare independence from yourself?

    Stupidest thing I ever heard!

    You should go study Malaysia history, real Malaysia history not that doctored Umno garbage!

  31. Bodoh punya melayu babi……….

    Baik balik ke tanah melayu la. We are natives of Sabah and Sarawak land - buat apa kamu punya orang datang sini menjajah kita oh?

    Kita tak suka kamu orang datang sini mengorek sumber petroleum tanah kita - this Sabah and Sarawak land not belongs to your malays.

    Get out from Sabah and Sarawak la!

    Bodoh melayu babi!

  32. In an inspiring documentary produced by Discovery Channel tracing the origins of the human 'Eve', archeologist Dr Majid established that the present-day Negritos are the descendants of the earliest human migrants from coastal Africa.

    This is based on mitochondria DNA as well as material history.

    Does this mean that the Negritos, being the first inhabitants of a geographic space that is now known as Malaysia, are the real 'Bumis'?

    Historians would have us believe that a second wave of migration from the Asian mainland saw the displacement of the Negritos by another group, also known as the Proto-malays. Today, we do not distinguish between the two groups and collectively call them all Orang Asli - the original peoples.

    Since this is a malay term and not a neo-colonialist construction, it simply means that the malays themselves acknowledge that they are not the original peoples as they had encountered the Orang Asli on their arrival in the malay Peninsula and differentiated themselves from this first two groups.

    Present-day malays, constituting a third wave, came much later, hence the term Deutro-malays.

    This means that successive waves of migrations have left sediments of linguistic, culture and beliefs imprints here in Malaysia. But because of the coherence of malay culture, the whole region came to be known as the malay world or 'Alam melayu'.

    This world was at the crossroads of international trade and the malays were active participants of this exchange of goods and services. Their world was open-minded, tolerant and plural. From animism, to Hindu-Buddhism and latterly Islam, the malay world was open to foreign influences.

    Without any doubt, the Indians and the Chinese have been welcome here for many centuries. Some traded, married local women and established long-standing ties with the malays.

    Some of these 'Peranakan' communities have been living in modern-day Malaysia far longer than some Indonesian communities.

    But to the malays, Indonesians of all shades whether Mandailing, Javanese or Batak are of the same root. They are not seen as immigrants although with the rising rate of crime in Malaysia and its attribution to Indonesian migrant workers, this view may soon change.

    There is no question about this underlying malay cultural context to modern Malaysia and Indonesia. The latter maybe a bit different due to the great influence of the Javanese but is essentially part of the malay world. With the emergence of the nation state, we have to define what is Malaysian.

    In the case of the latter, we have failed to achieve a consensus. If the divide between the bumi and non-bumi is to be enshrined as part of the national identity, then there is no such thing as 'Malaysian'.

    If a Malaysian is anyone with a Malaysian passport, then there needs to be equality among the ethnic groups.

    The real challenge is to think out of this box. Does it really matter if one's ancestor came from Indonesia, India or China?

    What really matters is the commitment to Malaysia and loyalty to the state, our imagined community.

  33. I have the same thoughts. The Islamic peoples, especially the malays, think they are somehow superior because they don't eat pork.

    Or reverse, they think the Chinese and other pork eating peoples such as the Americans, Europeans, Japanese etc, are filthy because they eat pork. But the truth is the pork eating peoples are much healthier, wealthier, and overall superior.

    The life expectancy of the Japanese is the highest in the world and the Japanese peoples eat a lot of pork. In fact, judging by the life expectancy, the Islamic peoples have the shortest expectancy or the most inferior level of living standard. If this means that they are inferior, then they certainly are.

    Maybe as suggested, the malays should copy the Chinese and start eating pork to improve themselves overall. Obviously, not eating pork hasn't helped them to advance.

  34. Makanan yang paling mereka gemari ialah babi, minuman ialah arak dan botoh mereka tidak sunat. ayaaaaah...mereka tidak kata Allahu Akhar. Mungkin elok sekali lagi 13mei. Aku nak rasa pancung kepali manusia yang bergelar cina dan India. Apa logiknya menyembah batu dianggap tuhan kepala lebih drp satu?.
    Lepas tu botoh mereka banyak tahi palat. Busuk dan disusuh isterinya menghisap benda bebau dan busuk pula.
    Kepada kami, jika kamu memusuhi kami, satu hari kamu akan tahu siapa kami. Tak lama lagi Coolooc. Tunggulah.

  35. to all the chinese and indians in "malay" sia.

    you guys are nothing for us.

    If you talk bad abt islam,why don't don'ru give a little thinking abt yr own religious. Ask deep inside yr heart is it yr religion is good enough or perfect as Islam. Pls study the true of Islam properly and compare with yr own religion. For the muslim bloggers let show them the true of Islam. don't fight with them as the way they talk abt you. show them the true Islam is.
    For those who keep saying bad abt our country, our goverment, our society etc, my message is simple:- u are free to migrate anywhere you, we don't care. Lesser you guys in "Malay"land is better. By the way you guys not welcomed in this "malay"land

  36. Salam para sahabat perjuang islam dan keamanan.

    Untuk pengetahuan, vessewe, royum, konek, coolman, oversee, aston, miya, romsan, fargoman adalah makhluk allien yang sama, satu org je. Mereka ni berasal dari planet yg sama iaitu PLANET RASISM.

    Kawan dah pernah berjuang menentang mereka ni dulu dan taktik serta isu yg sama yg digunakan.

    Kalau tak percaya, kaji penulisan dan bahasa mereka semuanya lebih kurang sama.

    Taktik perang saraf mereka ni bagi menunjukan bahawa mereka adalah ramai dan mendapat sokongan ramai bertujuan untuk mengerunkan kita.

    Jadi taktik kita untuk menentang allien yg bahalul ni adalah dengan kita bungkus mereka kejap-kejap, ikat kuat-kuat kita lontar mereka balik ke PLANET asal mereka. Mereka ni tak layak langsung untuk hidup dengan maknusia yg bertamadun.


  37. Miya,

    what did you say? Get out from where? From your nice little wooden shop?

    Weih stupid moron..... what the hell you talking about? Dont make people laugh at you, Sarawak and Sabah is not belong to your father lah. Bolooo punya olang.....! bear in mind this quote - which part of china your great grandfather came from? Guang Zou?
    Beijing ka? atau Sarawak? hahaha....

    This is the 'side effect' of eating pork too much. That why its forbidden to treat as a food because it would turn some stupid retarded folks into a shameless talking pig like you... sedar la diri tu, native konon!!!! what kind of native are you, towny imigrant punk?

    Jangan kasi malu orang sarawak, lu lupa sudah ka, mala latang..? Itu oil and gas sarawak bukan mak bapak lu bikin punya tau.. kuat banganglah!!!

  38. Salam Apai,

    Hentam jangan kasi cam si ruyum, vessewe, konek miya dan lain2.

    Jenis mereka nilah yg menjadi perosak hubungan baik antara kaum di Malaysia. Selama ni kita cukup menjaga hubungan baik bermasyarakat tapi rupa-rupanya ada juga mahluk yg tak bertamadun ni menjadi batu api bagi memulakan keretakan hubungan muhibah diNegara kita.

    Jadi kepada semua rakan perjuang keamanan, jangan kita bagi muka pada pengkianat negara ini, kita perlu saling bantu-membantu mempertahankan keharmonian bermasyarakat di negara ini.

  39. Cool man,

    You were saying eating pork can turn you into everything superior? Indeed, nothing else can do and now you transformed into a talking pig, dont you think piggyman?

    This is the most stupidest thing ive ever heard from a sad guy whose teacher died just before to complete his primary 3 school level. Well, it was a disaster that you still alive here despite of Japanese Encephalitis and Nipah Virus.

    Next time dont call other people pig when you and your entire family enjoying it as your superior meal... You deserved the right to be known as Babi lu!!

  40. Orang melayu kena berubah. Jangan terlalu bagi muka kepada bangsa cina dari negara China dan India dari negara India melainkan yg memeluk islam mcm parameswara. Sebab Islam boleh menyedarkan mereka tentang hak. Cina dan India terlalu merasakan mereka bagus dan melayu malas...Jawapannya mudah. Sebab orang melayu terlalu baik membantu mereka. Dulu kita bagi tempat mereka berteduh. Kini kita selalu membeli dari kedai2 mereka. Guna perkhidmatan mereka. Kalau kita tak beli dan bantu mereka. Dah lama mereka gagal. Cthnya kenapa ramai Melayu berjaya dalam perniagaan makanan. Siang Malam bekerja menguruskan restoran2 dan kilang2 makanan. Sebab Melayu akan beli makanan dari org melayu. Jadi tak Payah pening2 kepala nak berhujah dgn cina dan india yg perasan diorang ni bagus sgt. Melayu mulalah jgn bekerja dgn diorang. Buat business sendiri. Bantu sama2 Melayu. Beli dari kedai melayu sahaja. Buat produk2 melayu dari awal. Bina kilang2 melayu. Akhirnya cina dan india akan sedar bahawa tanpa melayu yg baik dan tidak mcm mereka yg racist, hanya tolong bangsa mereka, bencikan bangsa lain, rasa bangsa mereka shj yg bagus, cina dan india tak akan berjaya mcm skrg. Bukti...Tgk pasaraya kwsn cina di KL. Endah Parade, Leisure Mall, Plaza Phoenix, dll semuanya lengang dan ada yg dah tutup terus sebaba perniagaan tak maju. KENAPA? Cakap cina bagus sgt? Jwpannya mudah..Sebab kwsn tu melayu tak masuk sgt...maka bungkus perniagaan mereka...So Cina2 dan India2..Harapa sedar Fakta ini dan jgn berlagak sgt. Lagipun Peguam2, Doktor2, Jurutera2 yg hebat2 di negara ini pun ramai melayu. Yg bagus2 betul pun bukannya cina pun...apa yg nak berlagak sgt. Zaman melayu terlalu bertolak ansur dlm perniagaan dan pendidikan sudah berakhir. Bermulah kini zaman baru melayu baru...Kita kukuhkan jaringan perniagaan sesama melayu. Dan percayalah..akhirnya takde bagusnya cina dan india ni yg mereka perasan sgt tu...

  41. Aston yang Bangang,

    Why cheating yourself with a comment about the history? Who owned Borneo before those fucking Brits conqured our land ? (our is not refering to pirate immigrant like you)

    Who owned tanah melayu before your loser ancestors cross over as beggars into our home land? You forgot about that because you never learn history. It was a subject in your secondary school education, but you chinese students never intrested to learn it - No money can be made by mastering the subject (chinese mindset). All you saying here is just assumptions and personal judgement based on your immagination... kasiann oooo....!!!

    Please tell everyone in this room, why we call this country Malaysia not Chinesia? If you also call the country with that name, then you should realize that our race have the right to govern it.

    Lu cakap manyiak sampah pun titak kuna boloo!!! Lu hanya picacai saja... tau ka?

  42. Jom Kempen Jgn Beli barang cina, india dan guan perkhidmatan cina dan india...Jom mulakan..ari ni dan selamanya...Support Malay Business..Malay must help Malays..who else? Jgn Masuk Kedai cina dan india...Jgn..diorang nilah yg dok kutuk2 kita mcm2..tgk diorang boleh survive ke...? huhuhu

    Aku selalu jumpa cina yg bodoh..kenapa ek?

  43. To vessewe, royum, konek, coolman, oversee, aston, miya, romsan, fargoman and others who provoke rasism

    I would like to tell you all a story. About 50 to 100 years ago your grantfathers came to this country, talk to our grantfathers and asked for a permission to start a new life, a new living, a new future, a new bisness in this country. Malay's grantfathers felt so pity and allowed them to share what ever they have. Futhermore malay's grantfathers help and support your grantfathers biness until they became so rich and sucessful.

    But now shame on you all, you all seems have forgotten the history and how kind malay's grandfathers were toward your grantfathers. Now you all the grandchildrens, start to talk bad about Malays, how cruel Malays are, how rasist Malays are. I like to tell you if malays grantfathers had been so cruel, so rasist as said, believe me you all would not have existed today.

  44. Salam,
    Bigots commentary diatas adalah 'copy paste' comments dan ianya merupakan satu propaganda dari golongan akal pendek. Atas ketidakstabilan politik golongan yang menangguk di air keroh ini kerap mencetuskan keadaan tidak tenteram. Saya pernah melihat comment sedemikian rupa yang pernah menyerang blog KJ dan blog-blog melayu Islam yang lain. Please ignore that comments. But anyhow if u know who dissimenate this propaganda please kill them and close case. It's easy because u blogowner can check their IP address. Otherwise police report is the best solution.

    "buktikan kita juga ada telur"

  45. I am non-Muslim bumi - purely and originally from the land of Borneo - you malays have no right at all to speak here……….pack your bag and go back to Indonesia where your nenek moyang came from.

    Shame on you for calling others immigrant. There is no such thing as "hak bumiputra"! It is just a cover up for "hak migrant melayu"! Bangsa terrorist has no space here in my land.

    Only those Semenanjung people who have lived in Sabah or Sarawak know the true meaning of integration and tolerance!

    The only reason why there is many so-called "pendatang" in your malay land is primarily because your malay ancestors were a bunch of village idiots who'd much rather let the white man take advantage of the nation great resources and run its affairs, while malay morons sat on their lazy asses collecting food for royalties.

    Malays have not done non-malays any favors. We are all Malaysians, we all built this country and us non-malays………..no, better yet, Malaysians are here to stay!

    You are living in the wrong country, in a wrong era. It is you malays who should pack your bag, and head to a desert, to live with your camel humping brethren in Saudi Arabia.

    So get off your supremacist horse, because if not for the collective work of all Malaysians, a moron like you would most likely be tilling the paddy fields or plucking the coconuts right now………..instead of having the benefit of using a computer to surf the Internet and post rubbish on a blog!

  46. This malay pig race is so stupid, that they'd never amount to anything in this world.

    This message board has been here for awhile, and if anyone goes back, there is no one message, that talks good about this stupid malay pig race, because everybody knows how stupid, and hateful this malay pig race is all about.

    The malay pig will crumble from internal weaknesses and disappear in era of globalization - no need for others to colonize them.

    Because malay pig like to be parasites and feed on the Chinese income tax!

    Wait until the malay pig population increase to 90% in Malaysia, the same ratio as in Indonesia, then you will know the meaning of poor, as there will be too many malay pig to subsidize.

    Then the economy collapse.

    The malay pig are actually digging their own grave and they are trying to dig a deeper and bigger one now.

    But all of them I have to see are being manipulated by certain top malay politicians so they will support them.

    There show that the general malay pig are quite stupid and can't think outside the box.

    Only 1% of the malay pig can make it and they are the exceptions. If malay pig are not stupid, what are they?

    If all malay pig jump into sea and all die!

    This world will become very very beautiful.

  47. You malays don't like it? You leave! We are going to stay! We like it here! Who gives you the right to tell us what to do?

    They just jealous because they are lose in economical race. I can understand that. If immigrants more rich than malays, then malays will be jealous like hell. It happens everywhere. If Chinese poor - I am sure malays never become racists but Chinese never made to be poor. We are made to be winners and sorry to the losers who become racists after that.

    Malays never beat Chinese in economy even until end of the world - their destiny is to become slaves.

    Why we live in your country because it is easier to earn money there - because your peoples have no brains that is why there are no competitive.

    We are not scare at you my friend, lots of Chinese already move to other country such as Australia, Singapore or US. We have the money, we can go everywhere we like even going back to China!

    God damn, you are really a fool. Why Chinese are everywhere? Here, let me tell you why. In China, it is hard to earn money because the competitive is extremely high. Where in country like Malaysia, there are no competitive at all - the reason is simple, you malays doesn't know how to do business and earn cash, so all the opportunity goes to the Chinese.

    You have brain and you malays are well educated? And want to make Malaysia better? Why Malaysia still likes that? Corrupted, useless, weak junk country! The currency is useless, economy like shit! Think fools!

    Thanks to Malaysia? Hahaha! And you said become rich because of Malaysia? No, Chinese become rich because we are hardworking and smart! Fools you! Chinese go everywhere also can live, in Australia, US, and all over the world. Go traveling around and see if you can find any malay! Hahaha!

    Become smart because education in Malaysia? Dream! Think smart! Your education system is lousy, suck, useless! The standard is low! Find prove stupid!

    Heart? Where is our heart? You malays don't like Chinese, why do Chinese have to pay our heart to Malaysia?

    Point the finger to yourself. What a big stupid malay fool dumbass.

    Also, visit your brother Indonesia, and you can see all the companies and shops are operated by Chinese. We also conquer your brother economy, fools! Hahaha……….what a joke! Indonesia!

    Let us face it. You don't want Chinese to get out of Malaysia. Because if they did, Malaysia would never develop. They would also bring a great deal of financial wealth and investments with them too.

    Note Malaysia is doing well. It certainly isn't because of the malays.

    And Thailand which is another prosperous South-East Asia nation. It also has a large Chinese population and a national culture that is welcoming towards Chinese. At least they have a leader on the South-East Asia knows of how to treat Chinese. It is no wonder that Thailand is on the verge of being a developed nation.

  48. They came in Tanah Melayu……….You mean Tanah Orang Asli, they Jawanese pirate descendent came in!

    Perhaps that is what we should give these ungrateful leeches like malay pig ultra:

    Non-malay businesses should just pack up and leave, taking with them their capitals and investments. Non-malays with the means should emigrate.

    Then these sick brain malay pig morons not only can keep their 30% NEP, they can have 100%……….of nothing.

    And we sit back and watch them implode under the heavy load of their bureaucracy, crutch and religious fundamentalism.

    As a non-malay and proud of it, I am ashamed to associate myself with hypocrites like you and your followers.

    I chose to leave the land of my birth because of people like you and guess what! No regrets whatsoever. Best decision I have ever made.

    There is no reason for malay pig to be poor unless they are ass lazy or mental deformed or real stupid..........pick your choice.

  49. Hey, you pathetic cow and all the babiputras who have the same feeling/thinking like them. You don't feel shame being spoon feed by government using the taxpayers money?

    I guess all the protection policy make you all even more lazy and narrow minded and stupid. The majority of you once step out of the Malaysia soil will sure starve to death.

    Hoy, I think you should try some pork meat once a while to make you more intelligent a bit. Look at around the world region, anti pork meat countries are mostly rippled with starving and war or worst, non-stop crying for government policy protection.

    Fact is fact when you babiputras are stupid is always stupid - although it can be help by consistent protection and nourishment policy but the end result will not go far because the quality of gene is there.

  50. It is undeniable that malays are stupid, incapable and lazy. Why don't they just humbly admit the facts and repent and learn from other races especially Chinese?

    What is the point to argue here and wasting time again?

    From the first onwards we were merely telling the truths. It wasn't us who think that way but their own Badawi as well.

    All malays should go and read the newspaper, even Badawi is ashamed of maintaining the NEP after 34 years of implementing it and these malay baboons are still asking for it.

    Even Badawi wanted them to compete on a level playing field.

    So what does all these tell the world? It sends a very clear message that it is malays themselves who are incapable and lazy and they don't even want to admit it and make a change!

    That is the biggest shame of all.

    Can't you see, it is all back to square one. Year in, year out, some talk for half an hour, some one, some two. Some sing, many belt out their most recent released 'pantun'.

    After all. Malays are good at that. Suggestions after suggestions, some good, some impossible to realize.

    But, do you see any of these materialised? Hardly. Why, why and why???

    Because the malays can never change. Never! Why?

    The leaders forgot it or were they simply didn't want to address and admit that the actual disease is the malays and the remedy itself is also, the malays. They can never change. What is it about the malays?

    Firstly as you all know, they are a lazy species. Since the beginning of time they have been like that. Even the encyclopedia called them as lazy people. I think those British with their accent tried to call them 'malas', and if you put 'y' in, it becomes 'malays'.

    Embracing Islam make them a worse lot. Now they have a license to kill anything that gets into their way.

    Malays are ungrateful lot. In reality, they just can't live or open their minds for others. When Mahathir said that they are complacent, they put him in jail. When Mahathir encouraged them to learn English language, they got angry with him, saying it is a 'bahasa penjajah'.

    When other races 'maju', they got angry with them too. That was why at the end of Mahathir his regime, he said this, "I have achieved greatness as a prime minister, but I only fail in one thing, changing the malays."

    Well, nothing to be surprised about anyway since Mahathir is not really a malay, and I guess that was why the malays were angry with him.

    Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, parochialism, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, snatch theft, spoilt bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

    To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

    A genetically flawed race cannot be fixed by politically. Nature will take its course and globalization will put them out to pasture.

    What have we got now?

    Brain drain, economic disparity getting wider, poor education system, racial segregation, widespread corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitive on the government departments and others.

    Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this - Why can't you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

    From research, this peninsular was part of the Siamese empire way before these malays from Indonesia invaded it.

    Still so thick skin, don't want to go back to Indonesia!

  51. Hei, you assf**ker yuking!!

    Save all your words for reek! I'm pretty sure that he will be very much happy with you when reading it. Isn't he is your ally? what a stupid blunder! hahaha.....

    Let me help you to quote this;

    reek said...
    I am non-Muslim bumi - purely and originally from the land of Borneo.

    You guys came from nowhere simply write just to ease the pain of your own game. It's worth it, at least for reek..

  52. Wahai kaum bukan Melayu..apa lagi yang kamu mahu. Tak cukup ke dengan kerakyatan yang diberikan kepada nenek moyang kamu supaya kamu semua boleh hidup dinegara ini. Kamu jangan lupa sejarah pembentukan Tanah Melayu..cuba berfikir kembali dengan rasional..kalau kamu rasa sudah tidak sesuai tinggal di sini dengan tangan terbuka kamu boleh pergi kemana-mana yang kamu suka. Tiada siapa yang akan menghalang kamu. Ingat balik asal usul kamu..dimana bumi dipijak disitulah langit dijunjung..cuba fahami peribahasa ini dan cuba buka balik buku sejarah dan baca. Orang Melayu sudah lama berjuang menentang penjajah bagi memerdekakan tanah air ini. Tapi dimasa itu dimanakah kaum-kaum kamu. Adakah kaum-kaum kamu turut serta bersama-sama pejuang Melayu mengangkat sejata menentang penjajah...tidak ada..yang kaum kamu pentingkan cuma jaga periuk nasi kamu masing-masing. Hormatilah sedikit orang Melayu..

    Presiden MCA, Tun Tan Siew Sin, dilaporkan dalam akhbar tempatan bertajuk "Tun Tan Answers Critics on special Previleges" dalam pada 30 april 1969, berkata:

    " The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States. In return for this major concession. the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.”

    "[Orang Melayu menerusi UMNO bermurah hati melonggarkan syarat-syarat dalam undang-undang negara ini sehinggakan dalam masa 12 bulan selepas kemerdekaan, 90 peratus penduduk bukan Melayu telah menjadi warganegara. Ini berbeza dengan keadaan sebelum merdeka di mana 90 peratus daripada mereka masih tidak diiktiraf sebagai rakyat Tanah Melayu walaupun hampir 100 tahun hidup di bawah pemerintahan penjajah. Sebagai membalas kemurahan hati orang Melayu, MCA dan MIC bersetuju meneruskan dasar memelihara dan menghormati kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan dalam masa yang sama mempertahankan kepentingan-kepentingan sah kaum lain.]”

    - Sumber Tan Sri Khalid Awang Osman, Malaysia - An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, hal. 38-39.

    Ucapan Presiden MIC Merangkap Menteri Kerjaraya, Pos Dan Telekom,Tun V.T. Sambanthan Di Dewan Rakyat Pada 1 Jun 1965.

    "Now, in 1955 we won the elections with a great majority. Then we obtained freedom in two years time. During this period, we had to discuss citizenship and various other things. Now what did the Malays do - since we are speaking on racial lines - what did the Malay leadership do? The had 88 percent of the electorate still with them. What did they do with citizenship?If we look around in Asia and East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma.

    Look at my brother Chinnese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indian have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here we found that the Malay leadership said, "We shall tkae them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens." And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousand of Indians, Chinnese, Ceylonese and others became citizens...

    As I said, it has been my great good fortune to have born in this country. Where else can you find a more charitable, a more polite, a more decent race than Malay race? Where else can you get such politically decent treatment for any immigrant race? Where else in the history of the world? I ask you. These are the facts. Who are you to safeguards us? I am 10 percent minority race here. But I am happy here.

    "[ Pada tahun 1955 kita telah memenangi pilihan raya dengan majoriti yang tinggi, selanjutnya mendapat kemerdekaan dalam masa dua tahun kemudian.Dalam jangka masa itu kita terpaksa berbincang dan menangani pelbagai perkara termasuk soal kewarganegaraan. Persoalannya di sini, apakah yang dilakukan oleh Orang Melayu memandangkan kita bercakap menyentuh perkauman? Apakah yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu? Mereka mempunyai 88 peratus daripada pengundi menyokong mereka. Apakah yang mereka putuskan mengenai isu kewarganegaraan? Jika kita lihat di serata negara Asia dan Asia Timur, kita akan mendapati kaum India tidak akan diterima di Ceylon dan juga tidak diterima di Burma.

    Dan lihat saudara kita kaum Cina, mereka tidak diterima di Thailand, Vietnam, Kemboja dan di negara-negara lain.Dan apakah bantuan berhubung kewarganegaraan yang mereka perolehi di semua wilayah tersebut? Di Burma, seperti yang kita semua sedia maklum, kaum India telah diusir keluar, di Ceylon mereka tidak diberikan taraf warganegara seperti juga di Burma. Saya tahu dan anda juga tahu dan dalam pada itu apa yang sedang berlaku di Malaya?

    Di sini kita mendapati pemimpin Melayu berkata, " Kita akan menerima mereka sebagai saudara, kita akan berikan mereka sepenuh peluang untuk meneruskan kehidupan di negara ini, kita akan beri mereka peluang untuk menjadi warganegara." Dan seterusnya pada tahun 1957, dengan tidak mengambil kira kebolehan berbahasa (Melayu) ribuan orang India, Cina dan Ceylon menjadi warganegara.Seperti yang saya nyatakan, saya amat bernasib baik kerana dilahirkan di negara ini.

    Di manakah anda boleh berjumpa bangsa yang lebih prihatin, bersopan-santun dan tertib selain dari Bangsa Melayu. Di manakah anda boleh mendapat layanan politik yang baik untuk kaum pendatang? Di manakah dalam sejarah dunia? Saya bertanya kepada anda. Ini adalah fakta. Siapakah anda untuk menjaga keselamatan kami? Saya adalah kalangan 10 peratus kaum minoriti di sini. Tetapi saya amat gembira di sini."]

    - Sumber Tan Sri Khalid Awang Osman, Malaysia - An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, hal. 60


  53. reek, reek, reek,

    Come home honey, let papa guide you where to go.. you have been cheated by your greedy piggy friends. You are all alone man.......!

    Take yuking's post and print it. Then frame it in a picture frame and nail it to the wall of your sitting room. When your parents read it, wait for the responce or they will slap you on the face. It probably helps you to aware from being manipulated by a group of chinese crooks.

    Shame on you.. dont you understand what have made them become so paranoid to your own race?
    I dont get it, where are you standing at?

    Open your eyes widely. See, this is their true colour.. Now who can tell what good those racist folks can bring to our community?

  54. Boleh blah sama semua sekali babi kat atas,

    lu ai sei mai? lannn a lu..!

    Who the hell giving you the right to question our governing? When you go into a house, can you just simply burst in without the blessing from the owner?

    Let me simplify... The house is the goverment, the owner is us and the ripperman is you. What you are doing now is like invading the house and get rid of the owner. So cruel.. and you rationalize it because the owner have no brain and not competetive?

    I can answer your doubts, why malay cant compete your race in economic field? It is because the Malay do their business with honest, sincere and trust. The Malays are very patience and graceful.. they dont pressing the customer to buy their merchandise.

    You see, money isn't everything that does matter. We taking care each other and we help those who in needs, giving priority the the poor. In short, we emphasize life socialising no matter who they are, what thier race, including living flesh like your kind. When do a trade, we took all above into our consideration first. Then we trade..

    Unlike you.. Your people cheats, tell the whole world every time you do the SALE in your premises but selling expired stuffs, rejects and unwanted merchandise that supposed to be carried away by a garbage truck.

    When people try to negotiate a bargain, you chinese always came with the same script 'tiada banyak untung itu ooo... untung 10sen dua mali saja'. Bullshit!! tidak untung pun apa mo juai juga ka?

    Take a car repairing for an instance, some poor guys dont know anything about mechanics things, but when come into your workshop you simply change and replace unnecessary item just to feed your greed and to earn more money..!

    Go to pasar ikan lah...! what you think we are soo blind and stupid kah? your people like to mix the fresh fish with the rot one. Udang pun sama.. We just dont take that behaviour as a big deal because we have tolerant and rational culture in our life. (to those who like to insult us, we treat them accordingly)

    Very funny, just wonder how come you all commenting here sounds like you are the best among all of the race? Macam Yahudi betul...
    The conclusion is - never cheats if you want to get rich quickly... Its HARAM in our believes, is not because we are not capable.. It's just we dont want to be like you..Simple is that!

  55. yes betol cine cpt untng sebab x kire halal haram dalam berniaga...ASAL UNTUNG..x malu..
    mmg dasar makan BABI sebab tu perangai mcm babi yg mkn sume sampah...

    org melayu yg majoriti Islam terbatas skt kalo berniaga keuntungan bukan yg utama tp yg penting kejujuran... bkn nak cekik pelangan...
    cina bodoh... x yah bising2 la cine...balik je ke china.. berambus je kalo x puas ati...
    x payah nak bising2 kt `umah` org...
    balik.... balik....

  56. Konek said: "They had been misled by Quran for generations which was copied and twisted by Muhammad from Holy Bible just to control his followers"

    My answer: Which version of Bible? KJV? NIV? or others?
    The Truth is; Prophet Muhammad (the Spirit of Truth), has "guided" the Islamic Ummah (Islamic Brotherhood) "into all the Truth", as it was prophesied nearly 600 years before his birth, by Jesus Christ. (Please read John 16:13 and keep reading further, you will be amazed).

    maybe you should read this why this Preacher become Muslim

    Comparative religion is my favorite subject. I have participated a lot of forum Islam-Christian. Most of Christian like to provoke with blind accusation than come up with the facts.
    We can have a forum if you want to.

    To my Muslim brothers this is what you need to equip with:

    1. http://www.irf.net/irf/comparativereligion/index.htm
    2. http://www.ahmed-deedat.co.za/frameset.asp
    3. http://www.scienceislam.com/

    You seem to be very good at making High Hamburgers without any Beef!
    Where is the "BEEF"? It is easy to make wild accusations without providing credible evidences and documents.

  57. Great Facts on Pork

    Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah. Following text give you reasons why Allah (SWT) has forbidden eating pork. There are many other reasons which we do not know of but ALLAH (SWT) knows.

    "You are what you eat" - Native American proverb

    In folklore terms, eating the meat of the pig is said to contribute to lack of morality and shame, plus greed for wealth, laziness, indulgence, dirtiness and gluttony. We insult a person by calling him or her a "Pig" when they demonstrate these characteristics. Muslims are forbidden by God to eat the meat of the pig (pork).

    This is detailed in verses 2:173, 5:3, 6:145, and 16:115 of the Qur'an. An exemplary verse is quoted here: "He has only forbidden you dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and any (food) over which the name of other than Allah has been invoked. But if one is forced by necessity, without willful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

    Is Pork Forbidden to Muslims Only?

    The Jews and Christians are also forbidden from eating pork. Here is a quote from the Old Testament to that effect: "And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase." Deuteronomy 14:8

    Many Christians believe that this verse was directed only at the Jews. But Jesus himself says during the Sermon on the Mount; "Think not that I am come to destroy the Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." Some Christians say that, after a vision by St. Peter, God cleansed all animals and made them fit and lawful for human consumption. If ALL animals are cleansed by Peter's vision, this includes dogs, cats, vultures, and rats: but you just don't see people getting excited about a cat-meat sandwich like they do over barbecued pork or bacon. Others say that it was Paul who rescinded the law forbidding pork to humans, in order to appease the Romans, who enjoyed the taste of pig-meat. Many excuses have been given, but none are very sound.

    Many Far Eastern traditions also discourage the eating of pork. The 3,000 year old Confucian Book of Rites says, "Agentleman does not eat the flesh of pigs and dogs." Although many Chinese are avid eaters of pork today, physicians of ancient China recognized pork-eating as the root of many human ailments. Buddhists, Jains and Hindus usually avoid eating any kind of meat.

    Bad effects of pork consumption

    Pig's bodies contain many toxins, worms and latent diseases. Although some of these infestations are harbored in other animals, modern veterinarians say that pigs are far more predisposed to these illnesses than other animals. This could be because pigs like to scavenge and will eat any kind of food, including dead insects, worms, rotting carcasses, excreta (including their own), garbage, and other pigs.

    Influenza (flu) is one of the most famous illnesses which pigs share with humans. This illness is harbored in the lungs of pigs during the summer months and tends to affect pigs and humans in the cooler months. Sausage contains bits of pigs' lungs, so those who eat pork sausage tend to suffer more during epidemics of influenza. Pig meat contains excessive quantities of histamine and imidazole compounds, which can lead to itching and inflammation; growth hormone, which promotes inflammation and growth; sulphur-containing mesenchymal mucus, which leads to swelling and deposits of mucus in tendons and cartilage, resulting in arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

    Sulfur helps cause firm human tendons and ligaments to be replaced by the pig's soft mesenchymal tissues, and degeneration of human cartilage. Eating pork can also lead to gallstones and obesity, probably due to its high cholesterol and saturated fat content. The pig is the main carrier of the taenia solium worm, which is found it its flesh. These tapeworms are found in human intestines with greater frequency in nations where pigs are eaten. This type of tapeworm can pass through the intestines and affect many other organs, and is incurable once it reaches beyond a certain stage. One in six people in the US and Canada has trichinosis from eating trichina worms which are found in pork. Many people have no symptoms to warn them of this, and when they do, they resemble symptoms of many other illnesses. These worms are not noticed during meat inspections, nor are they killed by salting or smoking. Few people cook the meat long enough to kill the trichinae. The rat (another scavenger) also harbors this disease. There are dozens of other worms, germs, diseases and bacteria which are commonly found in pigs, many of which are specific to the pig, or found in greater frequency in pigs.

    Pigs are biologically similar to humans, and their meat is said to taste similar to human flesh. Pigs have been used for dissection in biology labs due to the similarity between their organs and human organs. People with insulin-dependent diabetes usually inject themselves with pig insulin.

    Kindness to animals

    Every creature was created by Allah for a purpose. The Prophet always encouraged being kind to animals. Although we should not eat the meat of the pig, it doesn't mean that we should hate pigs. We should show them the same kindness as any other animal, and not abuse or torture them. Pigs score high on tests devised to determine animal intelligence; in other words, they are very smart. It used to be that Europe people believed that pork would taste better if the pigs were kept in a state of filth, but this is not the natural inclination of the pig. When left to their own devices, it is said that pigs do not like to soil their sleeping quarters. As for their tendency to wallow in mud, that is done mainly to keep cool.

    source: http://www.themodernreligion.com/misc/hh/pork.html

  58. The Cost of Casual Racism
    Anti-Muslim sentiment is growing - and dangerous
    Roger Mitton, Asia Week, 28 November 2001:

    There is much to admire about the People's Action Party (PAP) government in Singapore. Most admirable, perhaps, is its splendidly honest policies on race and religion. In 1991, I asked Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong how he responded to criticism that the Singapore Armed Forces discriminated against his country's Malay community. It was said that Malays could not be trusted to fight for Singapore in any conflict with Muslim neighbors Malaysia or Indonesia. Goh never fudged the issue. He said there was no formal prejudice, but that it would be foolish not to bear in mind that when the cry of "Allahu Akbar" is heard, Malay-Muslims might feel divided loyalties. It was a brave answer that cut to the core of the issue.

    Likewise, Lee Kuan Yew, Goh's predecessor, discussed Singapore's race relations during an interview last year. He talked about the policy of racially integrating the housing-development-board flats where most of the population live. People want to be among their own kind. It feels more natural and comfortable if the people next door speak the same language, have the same religion, eat the same food -- and have the same color skin. We all lack tolerance in this regard; some of us just admit it less readily than others. But if this intolerance is left unchecked, it results in ethnic ghettos in which the intolerance feeds upon itself and leads ineluctably to violence.

    To forestall this, Lee made sure that flats were allocated in proportion to the racial makeup of the country. In a block of 100 units, roughly 70 would be taken by Chinese, 16 by Malays, 8 by Indians and the remainder by Eurasians and others. And they were mixed up together, Chinese next to Malay-Muslims, next to Indians. Of course, as Lee himself told us, people did not like it. As a politician who had to contest elections every five years, he would do better in a vote-winning sense by letting the Chinese have their own blocks, the Malays theirs, and so on. But, as he put it, with one of his trademark piercing glares, the alternative was worse to contemplate.

    I have thought about this often. As a libertarian, my instinct is to let people live where they want to live. So this PAP policy grates on my liberal outlook. But reality increasingly makes me concede that Lee is right. By reality, I don't just mean Sept. 11 -- though, of course, that is a major factor; but other incidents I've encountered recently in traveling around the region. Right now, I'm in Ho Chi Minh City. The other day I met one of my favorite people here, Andy Tran Dao Anh, the youthful chairman and CEO of Diginet Technologies, one of Vietnam's booming software developers. Andy was explaining why he thinks his country is continuing to do well while others in the region are tanking. He concluded: "And it's safe. No terrorists here. We have almost no Muslims."

    A few days earlier, when overnighting in Singapore, I had inquired at a Singapore Airlines desk about flying to Cotabato City in the southern Philippines. I knew the flight times from Singapore to Manila, but I needed those for the connecting flights to Cotabato. It was after hours and I was sure it would be difficult to get the information from Philippine Airlines. The woman at the desk, a mature ultra-efficient "Singapore girl," tried everything, but with no luck. She was upset at not being able to help. "Are you going to Cotabato on business?" she asked. I said I was. "It's very dangerous there, you know," she said. "They have a lot of Muslims there."

    In Thailand and Myanmar, colleagues of mine have made similar comments -- before, as well as after, Sept. 11. No one now makes even a token attempt to deny that Thais and Burmese dislike their own Muslim citizens. My Burmese friend told me one evening in the bar of the Strand Hotel: "Muslims don't belong in Myanmar. We don't trust them." I am becoming weary of arguing back. I have turned purple with rage at such comments. I have come close to losing friendships. But now I hear these remarks all the time -- and from otherwise intelligent and tolerant people. I don't know what to do. It is deeply depressing.

    I wonder if perhaps there's a bit of inverted prejudice on my part. I lived for five years in Malaysia. I've traveled many times to Brunei and Indonesia, as well as to places like Aceh and Mindanao. I've visited other Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa. I have many Muslims who are among my dearest friends in the region. I feel for them and I understand their confusion, their anxiety -- and their anger. I don't blame them. I tell them openly that if I were a Muslim, I'd be tempted to protest in the streets and in front of American and British embassies. I'd be tempted to wear an Osama bin Laden tee shirt and strut about sticking a finger up at Uncle Sam. This is the horror. In reaction to the foul and insidious prejudice one begins to act like a fascist.

    Right now, I am reading Anthony Loyd's book My War Gone By, I Miss It So. It is an account of his time in Bosnia and Chechnya. His reportage of the Russian bombardment of Grozny should be required reading for those applauding the bombing of Afghanistan. Loyd was one of the few reporters in Grozny when the Russians first leveled the city. The carnage defies belief -- and, horrors, it is still continuing. There are many heart-stopping passages, but there is one that made me go cold in the heat of Saigon. Loyd visits a hospital as the victims of a Russian bombing raid on a mountain village are brought in. Marika, 4, was "missing the lower part of her back and buttocks, but was still alive, just, and her pale, doll-like form lay motionless face-down on a table as a doctor removed large pieces of metal from her wounds, allowing each to drop on the table with a heavy clunk."

    Her sister Miralya, slightly older, had a head wound and was crying blood and shaking uncontrollably. Loyd goes to the village and finds the girls' family. He reports that they are all dead -- "laid out on a bed in bundles, none of which was bigger than a supermarket bag. The boy was the best preserved, the mother barely recognizable as human. Of the other sisters, a small pair of legs emerged from a cloth, and the two heads lay at the end of the bed." Like Loyd, I think of this scene when I hear the term "collateral damage." What is so odious is that journalists and anchormen have adopted the term -- just as they have adopted the prefix "Islamic" or "Muslim" before they say terrorist. I don't know what is worse -- all this or the growing anti-Muslim sentiment itself. Both are on the rise and will lead to more unspeakable acts like those already seen in Chechnya and Afghanistan. Where do we go from here? Will someone tell me, please.

  59. 85.
    Location. Petaling Jaya near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Date: November 10 2007
    Time: 1500
    Mowd Jowhar (involved in a previous encounter) was sleeping in bed after working the night shift when three beings (not described) appeared in his bedroom. The beings seemed to smile at him and “told him to relax and not to worry”. They did not speak and he did not hear the words, apparently he felt mental communication from them. There was no sound or movement outside his apartment. To Mowd it appeared that the whole world had come to a complete stop. He had been listening to music on the computer and it had stopped also, it felt as time had stopped somehow. He was made to lie down and the beings removed his clothes, he then passed out and woke up at 1900. He immediately rushed to work and felt very tired the whole night while he worked. Apparently the humanoids placed a “gray ordinary stone” in his backpack, which he carried to work and one more on his desk. Both seemed very ordinary and he could not see anything special about the two stones.

    HC addendum
    Source: direct from the witness Mohd Jowhar Meeran Hydruce @
    Type: E


    *anda boleh la read thru link di atas..

    untuk makluman, nama2 yang mengutuk, menghina dan mencerca Islam dan melayu adalah saudara Mohd Jowhar Meeran Hydruce. Jika diteliti pada link yang telah saya cut n paste,anda boleh lihat bahawa beliau seorg fanatik dan kuat bermimpi..(lihat comment no 85 pada link tersebut)..

    apa punya orang daaaa...

    toksah dilayan orang gila ni..kita cari, dan kita kaunseling..nak bakar kang kene hukum plak..negara kita kan ada undang2..jadi, kita kaunseling dia..itu terbaik..

    dan untuk makluman, Malaysia yang kita cintai ni, di kendali oleh satu organisasi yang dipanggil Barisan Nasional yang mana diterajui oleh parti UMNO sebagai satu badan yang memperoleh undi terbanyak.

    jadi, jgn mempersoalkan ketuanan melayu, kerana on record, majority is a winner...


  60. Pasti orang yang mengeluarkan komen menghina dan berbentuk provokasu sebegini akan ditangkap segera tidak lama lagi.

    Kami di BPN akan cari mereka sampai dapat demi menghalang orang seperti konek dan geng di atas yang pasti akan menggunakan alam siber sebagai tempat menyemarakkan permusuhan antara agama dan bangsa.

    Mereka perlu dihalang dan kita akan menghalangnya...Insya Allah





    black paria


  63. assalamualaikum....

    sumber kutukan pihak yang membenci Melayu ini kelihatan berpunca daripada sikap ahli2 politik MELAYU yang tamak dan pentingkan diri, menjual maruah bangsa sendiri demi nak isi perut dengan sebanyak mungkin harta dunia....

    ini lah padahnya.... kaum lain membenci bangsa Melayu. rakyat tak ada masalah tinggal bersama lain2 bangsa, agama, kepercayaan dll dalam satu negara.

    pikirlah dengan akal sendiri....
    para pemimpin yang xada moral itukah yang kita nak jadikan idola? jika mereka nak bergaduh tentang bangsa, biarkan mereka bergaduh....

    wahai ahli politik....politik untuk menjaga kebajikan rakyat bukan medan ketamakan sendiri...

    Malaysia bukan hak sesiapa. kita manusia xada sebarang hak ke atas segala ciptaan Tuhan di atas muka bumi ini. jadi berhentilah berbalah tentang HAK!!! ia takkan memenangkan sesiapa.....ALLAHUAKHBAR!!!

  64. bapak...memang x patut giler kater macam tu....malas nk layan suma kutukan yg menjijikkan tuh....

  65. mampir nich...
    menarik sekali blog anda dan saya menyukainya..